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Sunday 26th 

1pm : Arrival of Polish and Italian partners : reception at school with parents and partners.

3pm : ice skating in Samoens (typical village in our mountains)

5pm : Arrival of Spanish partners

6 pm : Reception at the hotel.

8:40 : Arrival of Turkish partners.






Monday 27th 

8:30/10:30 : Presentation of the different partners in our school,Anthem, the song of our project.Many classes of the school and the partners sang this anthem.A turkish pupil played with the flute the national french anthem.The partners made a presentation of their country in 4 classes of our school.The international pupils went to classes of their correspondent to listen an English lesson

10:30/12:30 : Meeting for coordinators to explain the program for the week.

1:30/3 pm : Arts.Build a paper skeleton, reproduce it in a position on a sheet and paint it in colors.Revise the parts of the human body.

3 pm/4 pm : Games (memory, build a skeleton with a dice and the different bones) Electric games (questions, answers).

4pm/6pm : an activity to play together : Futsal.

6:30/8 pm : Reception with the mayor at Town hall.




Tuesday 28th 

8:30/13: Athletics meeting at the stadium.
4 activities : The long jump, a running race in relay, a jump of hedges, the throw. The pupils were mixed and by team of 3 pupils.
1:30/3 pm : Board games. The pupils were mixed and they were played with the cooperative board game, which french partners built with questions of the partners (sciences, maths, cultural, …).

3pm/4pm : Learning a dance , with youngest pupils of the school « Skeleton bones ». Decoration of the different balls (volley, basket, hand, football





Wednesday 29th 

8:30/9:30 : For the oldest pupils of the school : Volley training (video).The presentation of the different countries for 4 classes.

9h30/10h30 : Performance in the gymnasium. The spectators were all the pupils of the school : A Sicilian traditional dance : "Tarantella", A gymnastic performance from a Turkish pupil, A traditional Turkish game with musik, An Italian song, sung by French pupils.
10:30/11am : a French traditional game in the playground.
11am/6pm : Visit of Annecy (an important town in our area).4 groups (each nationality with the French correspondent). Each group had to take an original picture in 7 points of the old town. The different points were indicated on a map.

Thursday 30th 

Cross country skiing in the resort of Sommand.Many activities :slalom, braking, walking, First step in  the snow and first time skating for most of the pupils and partners too.



Friday 31st 

Visit of the museum « The watch making », the past of our town (Cluses is one of the town where "Décolletage" was born).Workshop (making a watch) in the museum for the partners pupils.
1pm/3pm : A guided tour of our town, Cluses.
3pm/4pm : Some french songs in the playground to say good by with pupils, teachers and parents : Anthem, presents to the partners (pupils and teachers).
5pm/7pm : Discussion about the week. Evaluation of the visit and the project.Preparation of the continuation of the project.


Saturday 1st 

6am : Departure of Italian and Polish partners.

9am/ 10:30 : Preparation of different activities for the project with the others partners.

11am : Departure of Turkish and Spanish partners

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